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Some of my favorite podcasts tell stories. There are seasons and story arcs and character growth. Audio is such a cool, albeit difficult, medium to work with. I’ve created a few audio stories on HITRECORD and it’s inspired me to start my own podcast. Unfortunately, this isn’t an announcement for my new storytelling podcast. I’m not there yet. Along with finding a solid story idea, I have to find and pay voice actors, an editor, and maybe a producer. So maybe next year. In the meantime, check out some of my favorite podcasts.

Cover image for the podcast The Bright Sessions

The Bright Sessions was the first storytelling podcast I ever listened to and I was hooked from the beginning. It’s about a therapist, Dr. Bright, for people with special abilities. When I say special abilities, think people with powers like the X-Men – telekinesis, telepathy, time travel, and more. And it’s not just about the therapy sessions. I don’t want to give too much away. The Bright Sessions has come to an end in the podcast world, but there are books and TV shows coming. It is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Check out their website for more information –

Cover Image for the podcast Wolverine

Wolverine is amazing podcast whether you’re a Marvel fan or not. The cover image is for season 2, Wolverine: The Lost Trail. You can still listen to season 1 under that name, but season 1 was called Wolverine: The Long Night. I’m hoping there will be a season 3. True to the Marvel name, there is a lot of action and adventure in this podcast. Season 1 takes place in Alaska and Season 2 takes place in Louisiana. Check out the website and listen to all the trouble Wolverine gets himself into –

Cover image for the podcast Homecoming

One of the main reasons I started listening to Homecoming was because Oscar Issac voiced one of the main characters. The story kept me listening. Homecoming is about an experimental program that’s supposed to help soldiers transition back to civilian life. But one of the counselors discovers some startling information. That’s all I can say. Listen to it or watch Season 1 on Amazon Prime. Both are good. Stephan James was brilliant in the show. Website –

Cover Image for the podcast Blackout

Okay, the podcast Blackout also got me because of a certain actor voicing one of the main characters – Rami Malek. A blackout occurs in town and the reasons for it are a little suspicious. Suspicion grows when they found it, it wasn’t just their town. There’s only one season for now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a season 2.

Website –

Cover image for the podcast, Black Widow

Don’t be like me and shrug off that Black Widow is an erotica podcast. Yes, you read that right. Erotica. Dormtainment mentioned it on their podcast, The Comedy Trap House, and I was looking for new stuff to listen to. As much freakiness as there is, the story line is really good. I was at work like why am I crying right now? Focus on the seasons for the story lines. The diary episodes are about random rendezvouses. And the Pillow Talk episodes are where the creator and his cohost talk about mental health, relationships, and of course sex. But don’t be fooled. They talk about some complex stuff in the those Pillow Talk episodes. I can’t finish episode 2 to this day.

Season 3 is coming soon. First to Patreon fans so go support and get it early. And I believe they’re looking for writers so slide in their DMs via Twitter or Instagram.


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