Writing Goals 2020

My two main writing goals for 2020 are to put together a collection of short stories and a collection of poetry. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to have either collection perfect or complete for that matter. I just want to review all the work I have, see what goes together, and what I need to write to fill in any gaps. First step to achieving these goals would be to get my laptop fix and/or get the files of it. Backup all your work even if you think it’s not significant. Because you might come up with a new idea while your computer is down and out.

A lot of my short stories and poems have similar themes already so putting them together sounds simple, but I’m already thinking about how they will actually flow and fit together. Working with the poems might be easier as I have a lot of those and they’re easier to write than short stories. 

But that’s enough talking in circles. I’ll be documenting this process as soon as I can get started on it. 

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