Take Comfort

I’ve been so busy with life and work, I haven’t been writing. Not even for the blog and I always push myself to do that. But work and raising a child and still being mindful of COVID-19 can be a lot. I have to accept that. And running on empty trying to put words together to keep some folks interested never felt right. I always want to give y’all something good, something thoughtful. So I hope this achieves that. 

Being is creative, but I feel like my life has been too bland to be considered creative. I’ve tried to do creative things, but there’s still this lack of desire. I try not to limit myself to only writing when inspiration hits, but sometimes sitting down at a blank screen with everything else going on just adds more stress. I probably need to read more. Go to an open mic. Listen to the folks tell stories like on The Moth. 

Love is starting to look more like a treat and less like a trick. That’s something that has been exciting. More details on that later. I will say that I’m happy to have done the work and I’m glad I have a positive view on love and relationships. 

Doubt has been trying to creep up especially with certain things going awry. But I’m trying to be brave and plant my feet. If fear’s the only thing stopping you, you should try it. But I’m also trying not to miss any warnings. 

I hope all the things in your life have been going well. And if there’s been some rough patches, please be gentle with yourself. Sometimes, even when we try our hardest, things don’t work out. That doesn’t mean it will be like that forever. You’ll just have to be a little uncomfortable a little while longer. So find good things to take comfort in and find comfortable spaces to be in. You deserve it. Yes, you! 

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