It’s been a long time, so I just wanted to give an update. Life has been slowing down a bit now that the wedding is over. Sometimes I wish we had given ourselves a longer timeline, but I loved how everything came together. I’m officially a wife!

So with things slowing down, writing and reading are coming back to my mind. I’m still reading The Ballad of Perilous Graves. I’m hoping to finish that soon and read more books by Black men. I tend to read more books by women. I went through a phase of reading contemporary books by Black women and I think I want to see what the men are writing in all the genres.

For writing, I’m planning two more stories for Sankofa. I split the first story into three parts. So there will be two more stories, not just parts. I may or may not split them into parts. I’d love to put them all together in a novella or a short fiction book if possible, but we’ll see. 

With Sankofa, I really wanted to work on writing a strong plot. I usually lean on characters and dialogue to move a story. There’s not too much action. But I started to feel that action was missing in my work. I was nervous because a lack of a solid plot made me shelve the first novel I ever wrote after 4 or 5 drafts. So I took my time and planned it. I gave myself space to write it and I’m really proud of myself. I can definitely improve, but I think the story really moves well. You can sense the urgency. It’s a wonderful shift in a new direction and I’m excited to explore that. 

I also want to work on my short story collection. It will probably have some of the more literary-style writing, but I’m hoping to revamp some stories with a plot. And I know I’ve been mentioning a short story collection forever through the years. I keep getting caught up in the fact that I don’t have enough stories. I keep being unsure about self-publishing. I freeze when it comes to editing. But I think I’ll just start. Like with this blog. I just started it. And look where we are now! 

So if you have any feedback for me, please let me hear it. I’m trying to continue to grow and hopefully get some books out to y’all soon. I think it’s about time. But the growth happened over this long time so I’ll be doing my best not to rush anything.

Stay tuned. And happy writing! 

P.S. I will probably do a summer baking series. It’ll have some more complex treats.

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