Breaking the Block with Dance Videos

Breaking the Block is a series on ways to get out of writer’s block.

Dancing is the poetry of the feet

John Dryden

I’d like to think that the phrase “dance is poetry in motion” came from the John Dryden quote. And I agree, dance is poetry in motion. I always loved the idea of expressing myself through music without singing or rapping. I grew up shy and sometimes my nerves get to me when I step up to the mic to perform spoken word. I didn’t get to dance, choreography-wise, until college. Kemi, Janae, and Faith were my first dance teachers. I was a part the Christian dance troupe called Urgent Message. We operated under THE Elon University Gospel Choir. We danced three styles: hip-hop, lyrical, and gospel mime.

Before I leave memory lane, here are some dance videos:

Kemi, Faith, and Janae with Urgent Message’s debut dance, choreographed by Kemi:

And for many of us, myself included, this was our last dance as a part of Urgent Message. It was choreographed by Janae. (Yes, I’m in this video!)

I don’t usually follow any particular dancers on YouTube. And I usually discover them from the video being popular or looking for choreography to a song. And then I see what other choreography they have. I have 7 videos from 7 choreographers. First up, Keone and Mari.

Keone and Mari

I’m featuring two videos from this dynamic duo: Dangerous by Michael Jackson and Manolo by Trip Lee ft Lecrae. I like the details they put into their moves. Whenever I try to choreograph, filling space is something that’s hard for me. They have it down though.

Phil Wright

You’ve probably seen this famous red wall before. Turns out a lot of choreographers use this studio. I wanted to throw in a newer song since a lot of my videos are older. I love the encouragement he gives the guy in the white shirt towards the end of the video (click here to start the video from that point) But I love the pacing for this dance.

Kinjaz – Anthony Lee

Did anybody else used to watch America’s Next Best Dance Crew? I believe these are those Kinjaz. Anyway, they kill it on Needed Me by Rihanna. The move on the word, “savage” and the break down for the chorus. Fire.

Galen Hooks

This was a video I discovered after hearing the song River by Bishop Briggs (from a TV show I believe). I like the pacing of this dance as well. How they are doing it in heels, I’ll never know. My knees hurt looking at this lol. But it’s so creative.

Ian Eastwood

I love the whole video concept. The song, Chivalry is Dead by Trevor Wesley, and the dancing is so good.

Emilio Dosal and Kelsey Landers

This is one of my favorites! I’ve watched this video so many times. I love this song – Lay Me Down by Sam Smith. I love the details of this piece too.

I hope you enjoyed this dance break! And don’t forget, taking it easy is the best way to get the words flowing again. Keep writing!

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