The Cure

This story was originally shared on HitRecord on Oct 2, 2017 – Please feel free to go on the site and remix it!

Dr. Young held her breath as the aerosol sprayed all the zombies in the containment room. She kept her eyes on her husband, hoping that her team had finally gotten it right. Slowly, the zombies stopped their slow, staggering movements. Their groans quieted down as well. One by one, they collapsed and the doctors cried out to their fallen family members. Dr. Young walked right up to the giant glass window of the containment room and put her hand on the glass. She watched her husband intently. His glazed, cloudy eyes started to become clear. He looked like he was focusing.

A loud smack made Dr. Young jump back. It was a little girl with long messy blonde hair and wild, bright hazel eyes.

“Momma! Where’s my momma?!”

Dr. Cooke ran to the glass, sobbing. She dropped to her knees to be eye level with the girl. Dr. Young walked around her and saw her husband sit up slowly. Their eyes met.

“Kristina?” He asked.

Dr. Young fell to her knees.

“Harvey,” she choked out before she started sobbing.

The other doctors made their way to the glass, calling out to their family members. A year and a half of hard work finally paid off.

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