Brittany’s Baking Stories: Belated Birthday Tart

October: Sea Salt Butterscotch Tart

And we’re back! I know it’s been a while. I dropped some cooked sweet potatoes in August for my rosemary pita chips so I didn’t bake. And in September, I lost track of time. I call this story the Belated Birthday Tart because it was my plan to make the tart in September for my birthday. I was trying to track down some almond meal flour, but relented and just used almond flour.

Making the tart shell went pretty smoothly. It came out a little crumbly probably because almond flour is lighter than almond meal flour. Making the butterscotch filling was a little work. 

The first patch started strong; it was going well. It had a nice color and it was finally getting sticky and then I waited a few minutes too long, although I was following instructions, and it burned. So I dumped that and took a break. The second patch I probably didn’t cook on high enough heat, but I really didn’t want it to burn. It still came out pretty good.

I poured it in the tart shell and shook it until it spread out. I sprinkled sea salt on top. I let it set for 30 minutes at first, but when I tried to cut it, it was a little sticky. So I put it in the fridge and left it overnight. I had it for breakfast the next day and it was pretty good.

It was nice to be baking again. I definitely missed it. I’m hoping to finish up the year baking. 

And for my writing tip, learn to love editing your own work. I edited someone’s book recently and I really enjoyed it. I know I wouldn’t enjoy editing my book nearly as much. But editing and revising make the work stronger and better so it’s worth it. And if you’re looking for an editor, hit me up!

Next month is November and I’ll be making one of my favorite pies. Let me know what pie you think I’ll be baking. Until next time, happy baking and happy writing.

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